Monday, April 20, 2015

spring spontanaity

There are times when you will do anything
to see the people you need to see
to feel the warmth of the sun
or cool of the ocean

trepidation scuttles by
says, perhaps this is insane,
forty hours in a car, one week

but living from your true center
the two of you decide your family
can hack it

you set off
over snowy mountain passes
through Mormon peaks

open fields, desert tunnels,
the red canyon walls turn to
yucca and Joshua trees and

suddenly, sprouting up from the
earth are bright lights
a pyramid, a famous French tower

it's so weird and so fake
says Eliana as we drive through Vegas
almost there, I think, almost there

we know we're close when the cars slow
Saturday traffic and Jeff keeps checking the
surf, his determination unfettered

until, somehow, we're standing on sand
the children peel off layers, strip to swimsuits
race to the open water

and I can't really believe we've done it
can barely remember the bad Denny's breakfast
or sleeping in a Utah field but instead

see my family, the warmth of my sister's home
the love that is authentic connection
a surprise, a gift, solid and true

we can do it!  we can get in the car and drive
to my family.  we can spend lazy days
without time or schedules or to-do's

we can scamper through giant canyons
watch our children find new rocks to climb
fall in love all over again

at this pulsing, heart center we have created
the rules only we can make