Monday, January 18, 2016

golden glow

I'm thinking back to our two weeks of sunshine, two weeks of sea, two weeks of mellow togetherness.  I haven't felt quite settled since we've been home, haven't felt like we've all been back on the same page, like the us that was then is very far away.  I'm trying to figure out what that's all about.  Is it that our real lives are too full to feel that sort of continuous connection?  Is it that I'm always a bit on edge when it's cold and snowy?  Is it that there are just too many in's and out's, too much racing out the door, too much movement to feel settled and still as an us?  Whatever it is, it certainly makes me full of gratitude for these photographs from a mere two weeks ago.

Feeling gratitude for the sunshine, for the chance to get away, for my sweet, sweet family and our enthusiasm for adventures.