Sunday, October 2, 2016

in's, out's, and so many special days

I found this in my drafts -- I guess it never published.  For the sake of the archive, I'm doing a little spring Soli shout out in October...

Soli turned six on Tuesday.  Six.  I can't really believe this even happened.  And just like that, he's huge.  He plays with his buds in the hood for hours, battles and legos and trucks and soccer.  He had a huge party at the park and blew around in a pack of little ragamuffins, all slicky short glory.  He's radical. 

April was a heck of a month.  I was further geographically removed from my kiddos than ever before, gone for two weeks for work.  While I traveled to places exotic and exciting, I definitely left a big part of myself at home.  I am attached to my home.  My home and the people who live here.

Today is Mother's Day and while there is so much more to say, what I'm feeling tonight is absolute grace.  Today I did not want to leave my deck, the view of the green mountains, the sounds of my kiddos moving this way and that, my husband tidying up, chatting.  I waited for some burst of energy, some need to do things totally for me, to leave them and do yoga, meet a friend for a latte, a hike, whatever, but I really had no interest.  I wanted to be with them.  They did the hike with me.  We did our thing, enjoyed our hills and the balsamroot, our music and our odd ways.