Tuesday, February 26, 2013

watch my cool poops!

Watch my cool poops!
shouted Solomon,
legs wide as can be,
mismatched socks,
one scalloped with pink trim
cuz he's a little brother and all.

I'm really strong and I make

really cool poops!

he reminds me again
as I continue to shuffle about
in my pre-dinner,
lunch box disassembling,
jacket hanging,
early evening dance.

Come back!  I want you in HEAH.

I lurk in the doorway,
big smile,
always amazed.
Put down the swim bag.
Lean in.  

Actually, I want my privacy, Mama.
I NEED my privacy. 

So I shuffle on,
disappointed that I have to return
to the meaningless tasks of
assembling this life,
preferring to settle into
the moment,
the push and determination
of a growing boy.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I know. meaningless tasks are so, well, meaningless (:

What a score for me to get 3 posts today during my work scrabble! Scramble?

Love to you, your Pasadena roots and Missoula branches.